About me

Hi, my name is, welcome to my website. A little about me…


I am a freelance web designer currently 2x years old from Buzau, Romania, I am passionate about art particularly web design, my passion was born from some my early years school when I liked to paint and draw, beside my artistic view I had a love for math especially geometry with lead me (in the high school when I discovered the internet) to uncover my passion for web design.

When I first discovered the internet (back in 2007)  I was amazed about its beauty and complexity I stared looking for ways to learn how to create web pages I stared to read and learn some of the secrets with lead me to this beautiful world of html, css and JavaScript, these languages helped me today to show you this beautiful page to you.

I believe that a well build web site is a website that has a well build layout with clean line beautiful colors and great user interaction . I strive to achieve that in my designs.

What is web design all about? I believe web design is about choosing the right tools, shapes, colors, lines and text to describe a site’s primary personality and objective that will make users return to it every time the need.

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